Crazy Good Talks™ Assessment

If you're a Financial Advisor, Insurance Agent, or Expert you're in the right place.

Hi there!

Imagine no longer having to go to umpteen 1:1 coffee meetings to fill your pipeline.

Imagine being highly visible in your community or niche and being known as the "Go-To" Expert.

Imagine standing up in front of a group of people and being completely confident your message will connect with and immediately engage your audience.

Imagine having the skills to get paid four or five figures to speak.

This is what happens when you learn how to create and deliver Crazy Good Talks™.

It's happended for me, for my clients, and it can happen for you too.

When you know how to put together a Crazy Good Talk™ it becomes your most powerful and consistent lead-generating tool. 

A tool that enables you to stop chasing clients and instead bring in many clients from a single presentation. 

Not only that but when you know how to give Crazy Good  Talks™ you elevate your credibility, your visibility, and you change people’s lives with your message. That’s something to get REALLY excited about!

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Be Blessed and Make it a Crazy Good Day!


0 = Say what? (I have no clue how to do this).
4 = This is somewhat true.
7 = I use this skill consistently when I speak but know I could improve upon it.
10 = "I'm Crazy Good at this!"

I. Lead Generation

1. I know the process for structuring my talk from open to close to increase the number of sales/leads I bring in.

2. I confidently engage my audience and provide valuable content so they are eager for my sales offer.

3. I know exactly what to offer when I speak to maximize my sales.

4. I feel good about my ability to convert audience members into prospects and/or paying clients.

5. I have a system for handling back of the room sign ups efficiently.

II. Your Content

1. I know how to structure my talk so it’s easy for me to remember and easy for my audience to follow.

2. I'm adept at making my content come alive so that each point in my talk is engaging and memorable. My content is Crazy Good!

3. I know how to move from point to point in a way that keeps my audience on the edge of their seats.

4. I feel confident about structuring a Q. and A. session so that I remain in control of my talk and of the audience.

5. I know how to avoid "Death by PowerPoint".

III. Creating Connection

1. I know what to say so that each person in my audience feels like I am talking directly to them.

2. I know exactly how to tap into the emotions of 99% of my audience so that they are inspired and motivated to take action.

3. I know how to create stories that do the selling for me.

4. I know the formula for telling stories in my talks that are concise, compelling, and memorable.

5. I know exactly which stories to tell and where to place them in my talk.

IV. Opening and Closing

1. I know how to hook my audience from the first words out of my mouth...and it's not by saying "Thank you for having me."

2. I am 100% confident in my ability to command the attention of any audience.

3. I know what to do in my opening so that it makes it easy for me to move into my offer when the time comes.

4. I know how to close my talk so that my audience leaves motivated and inspired.

5. I know exactly how to end my talk… and it’s not with a Q. and A. session.

V. Your Offer

1. I know how to smoothly transition from my content to my offer so it does not sound salesy.

2. I know how to present my offer so that it comes out strong and confident without making me feel or sound like a used car sales person.

3. I know what to say to convey how valuable my offer is.

4. I know what to say to get only the serious people signing up for my offer.

5. I have a process for getting my audience to sign up for my offer on the spot..not just ask for my card.

VI. Get Booked To Speak

1. I have a process for booking my ideal speaking gigs.

2. I block time on my schedule to reach out for speaking gigs

3. I am happy with the amount of "Yeses" I get when I reach out for speaking gigs.

4. My talk title and description makes event organizers eager to book me.

5. My talk title and description entices audience members to show up.

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